Product Description

  • very low viscosity
  • very short demoulding time
  • low shrinkage


Characteristics and Advantages

  • very good flowability
  • good wetting of fillers
  • short demoulding time, at mouldings with thin walls too
  • high quality of surface detail reproduction
  • low shrinkage and good dimensional stability
  • very good mechanically workable
  • very fine structure


  • Casting of master and core models, negatives and mouldings of small up to medium dimensions
  • Applicable for thinner and thicker layers
  • For casting of art and crafts articles with excellent detail reproduction
  • Casting of higher thicknesses (> 20 mm) is possible with addition of 300 pbw fillers to 100 parts resin and 100 parts hardener, for thinner layers up to 200 parts




Biresin® G27 LV resin (A): 20 kg; 1 kg net
Biresin® G26 hardener (B): 50 kg; 20 kg; 5 kg; 1 kg net