Product Description

  • epoxy surface coat
  • Tg / HDT: 301-382°F
  • pot life: 16 min - 200 min (240 - 280 g)
  • color: black
  • hardness: 89 Shore D
  • graphite-filled 
  • 3 hardener options

Characteristics and Advantages

  • developed to meet the requirements of the aircraft and aerospace industry for use which demands higher temperature applications greater than 350°F (177°
  • compatibility with prepreg systems produce excellent surface conditions cured under heat and vacuum bagging.
  • thermo-cycling exhibit a great degree of high physical stability when used in tooling and composite fabrication
  • can be used in RHL and IHL heat environment application
  • hygienically safe for shop usage as they do not contain MDA OR VCHD


  • high temperature composite molds and autoclave tooling
  • use in conjunction with any ADTECH high temperature laminating resin