Product Description

  • epoxy surface coat system
  • Tg / HDT: 230°F
  • pot life: 22 min (226 g)
  • color: white or black
  • hardness: 90 Shore D
  • hydrophobic
  • 2 resin choices (white or black)



Characteristics and Advantages

  • hydrophobic epoxy system (cures in the presence of water) engineered primarily for use as a high temperature surface coat for plastic faced plasters or high temperature molds requiring a high-gloss surface
  • available in white resin for easy viewing of scribe lines on PFP masters or black resin for RTM or contact molding applications requiring a high-gloss finish



  • Plastic Faced Plasters, vacuum molds, checking fixtures, duplication molds, spotting racks, bonding fixtures, and RTM molds
  • accurate, detailed, chip-resistant surface coat duplications in epoxy laminate or cast tool fabrication


white or black