Product Description

  • epoxy surface coat system
  • Tg / HDT: 264°F
  • pot life: 60 min (327 g)
  • color: gray
  • hardness: 90 Shore D
  • abrasion-resistant
  • excellent handling characteristics and air release

Characteristics and Advantages


  • formulated for use in tooling applications where increased wear resistance in a high-temperature environment is required
  • abrasion-resistance allows for a very strong, long lasting, and durable tool
  • excellent handling characteristics and air release
  • use with any of the ADTECH High Temperature Laminating Systems or High Temperature Casting Systems


  • compression molds, oven and autoclave bonding fixtures, vacuum form molds, prototype injection molds, resin transfer molds, reactive injection molds, and other applications which require elevated temperatures and abrasion-resistance