Product Description

  • epoxy surface coat
  • Tg / HDT: 229°F
  • pot life: 23 min (230 g)
  • color: gray
  • hardness: 90 Shore D

Characteristics and Advantages

  • thixotropic
  • aluminum-filled
  • high temperature
  • gives excellent surface duplication while maintaining non-sag qualities
  • SP707 / ES229 mixes easily and applies smoothly with a brush



  • use ES-229/SP-707 surface coat with EC-433 / EC-439 / EC-440 casting systems or EL-336 / EL-337 laminating systems
  • vacuum form molds, RIM molds, high temperature bonding fixtures, autoclave molds, plastic injection molding prototypes, high temperature holding fixtures, RTM molds, cold press molds, and drape form molds