Product Description

  • epoxy composite tooling compound for high temperature applications
  • Tg: 425°F
  • color: gray
  • mixed viscosity: dough
  • pot life: 105 min (454 g)

Characteristics and Advantages

  • ultra-high temperature, moldable, dough-like compound
  • designed for the construction of tools, jigs, models and other tooling that require elevated temperaturesuse of EL-325HTTC
  • allows a considerable time and labor saving in tool construction
  • the neutral resin and black hardener give a uniform dark gray color when thoroughly mixed that is pliable and can be applied to the tool surface without crumbling or cracking
  • tools constructed with EL-325HTTC maintain a very high degree of dimensional stability, are lightweight, can be machined as well as drilled, and tapped
  • offers the toolmaker a safer alternative to standard high temperature epoxy laminating systems, since both resin and hardener are syntactic compounds which minimize splash hazards 
  • does not contain MDA or VCHD


composite vacuum forms, RIM, and RTM molds