Product Description

  • impact-resistant epoxy laminating system
  • Tg: 212°F
  • color: light amber
  • mixed viscosity: 1,500 cps
  • pot life with EL-335 Hardener: 50 min (228 g)
  • pot life using EL-335-2 Hardener: 90 minutes

Characteristics and Advantages

  • high performance
  • impact-resistant
  • toughened
  • greater mechanical shock properties, increased Shore D hardness at elevated temperatures, greater degree of flexibility, increased heat distortion temperature and lower viscosity for better cloth penetration




  • laminating with graphite, E-Glass, S-Glass and Kevlar fabrics, EL-335 composites exhibit increased impact resistance in the fabrication of parts, which will be used in a heat environment where stability and performance are required
  • the handling properties are designed for use in laminating-vacuum bagging-oven cure production processes