Product Description

  • epoxy laminating system
  • Tg: 140 °F
  • color: light amber
  • 2 hardener choices (fast/slow)
  • mixed viscosity: 1,700-2,650 cps
  • pot life: 16-45 min (200 g)

Characteristics and Advantages

  • flame-retardant (FAR 25.853a)
  • halogen-free
  • unfilled
  • choice of 2 hardeners
  • EL-320 Hardener was developed for vacuum bagging or closed molded applications
  • EL-320-1 Hardener was developed for use in fabricating open-molded, hand laminated parts
  • this system does not contain PBDE or OBDE or DBDE flame
    retardant additives


  • hand laminated flame-retardant epoxy composite parts that meet (FAR 25.853a) specification
  • fabricating parts or repairs on structures, which require flame retardant, self-extinguishing properties with room-temperature curing capabilities


light amber