Product Description

  • E-modulus: 2,200 MPa
  • flame retardant according UL94 V-0
  • temperature resistant

Characteristics and Advantages

  • flame retardant V-0 according UL 94 at 3 mm thickness
  • classification of flammability according to E DIN 5510-2 S4, ST2 and SR2 at 10 mm thickness
  • flammability according to appendix IV EU Directive R 95/28/EC at 3 mm thickness
  • simulation of ABS with good impact resistance
  • fast curing with good flowability
  • short demoulding time


  • Manufacture of housings and coverings
  • Manufacture of thinwalled mouldings with complexe structure
  • Manufacture of flame retardant parts 




Biresin® RG53 FR resin (A): 200 kg; 25 kg net
Biresin® U5 hardener (B): 250 kg; 20 kg; 5 kg net