Product Description


  • low pressure injection urethane
  • E-modulus: 800 MPa
  • Tg ~95°C

Characteristics and Advantages

  • high impact resistance
  • good temperature resistance
  • very easy processing
  • good ability for bonding and painting


  • Parts  having  mechanical  properties  similar  to  thermoplastics  such  as  polypropylene  or  polyethylene,  in prototype and small and medium scale series
  • Car industry: interior trim, dash board elements, bumpers, spoilers, etc.
  • Electronics, furniture, household appliances : boxing, casings, etc.




RIM 826 POLYOL  Resin (A)           RIM 902 ISOCYANATE  Hardener (B)

                 1 x 20 kg                                                         1 x 20 kg