Product Description

  • 2 component, quick setting epoxy adhesive
  • fast cure at room temperature
  • suitable for injection
  • bonding of subtrates such as composites, metal, wood, concrete, block materials
  • also suitable for the fast bonding of tooling block of middle and higher densities
  • also available in higher volume packaging as: ADEKIT®  H 9930

Characteristics and Advantages

  • 2 component room temperature cure liquid epoxy adhesive
  • liquid product suitable for injection
  • fast setting product adapted to reduce assembly time
  • excellent mechanical performances


Embedding and anchoring of metal rods on hollow or full supports, bonding of decorative elements : facing, tiles etc..., bonding of concrete prefabricated elements (pipes...), reinforcements and repairing of structures


light Amber


        A 130 /50                       A 130 / 200                         H 9930 12

cartridges of 50 ml        Cartridges 200 ml               6 x (0.5+0.5) kg