Product Description

  • 2 component, multipurpose methacrylate adhesive
  • excellent mechanical and thermal performances up to 120 °C
  • thermoplastic aspect
  • product able to bond dissimilar materials

Characteristics and Advantages

  • 2 component room temperature cure methacrylate adhesive
  • Non sagging paste product suitable for vertical applications and to fill irregular joints
  • Fast setting product adapted to reduce assembly time
  • Excellent behaviour at low temperatures
  • Excellent mechanical and thermal performances up to 100°C
  • Product adapted to assemblies involving dissimilar materials
  • Excellent strength to dynamic loads (vibrations and impacts)
  • Product adapted to stringent ageing and aggressive environments
  • Product adapted to assemblies with less than ideal surface preparation


Bonding of composites, thermoplastics and metals without any primer application.




           ADEKIT®  A 310-1 /50 ml                ADEKIT®  A 310-1 /400 ml

                Box of 10 cartridges                         Box of 10 cartridges