Product Description

  • two component, room temperature or heat accelerated polycondensation silicone rubber compound
  • hardness: 30 shore A
  • tear resistance: 100 ppi
  • 2 hardener options
  • cured color: white or blue
  • mixed viscosity: 20,000 cps

Characteristics and Advantages

  • high strength, long term stability, and excellent detail reproduction / release characteristics
  • two color choices available by choosing a catalyst
  • fast demold times with deep section capabilities
  • very easy to mix and cast
  • typical coverage: 25 cubic inches/lb 


  • condensation (tin) cure silicone for resin casting, fastcast urethanes, and epoxies
  • excellent choice for pattern/model shop mold making and tooling applications



white or blue (catalyst available in 2 colors)