PX 205


  • flexural modulus 500 MPa
  • Tg ~90 - 100°C
  • very good impact resistance
  • quick hardening
  • thermoplastic aspect
  • easy processing

Application fields:

Parts with high impact and abrasion resistance; Hinge effect

PX 212


  • flexural modulus 1,200 MPa
  • Tg ~90°C
  • similar properties to filled PP 
  • very suitable for automotive parts
  • high impact resistance
  • two reactivities available


Thermoplasitc-like technical parts and prototypes with a flexural modulus of elasticity close to filled PP

PX 523

  • use with PX 5210 Part A
  • high transparency (water clear)easy polishing
  • high reproduction accuracy
  • flexural modulus 2,400 MPaTg ~95 °C /100 °C
  • good UV resistance
  • easy processing
  • high stability under temperature



with B-component PX 523: process transparent parts up until a 100 mm thickness; crystal glass like parts; art and decoration parts

PX 761


  • fast demoulding
  • high reproduction accuracy
  • "moulded rubber" aspect
  • good abrasion resistance
  • max. peak temperature: ~100°C

Application fields:

Soft technical parts under vacuum process

PX 1000


  • flexural modulus 1,700 MPa
  • Tg ~75°C
  • low viscosity
  • long potlife
  • good mechanical properties
  • can be painted

Applications fields:
Cast by hand or vacuum machine to achieve ABS type large parts

TCC-8020A / TCC-8021B

  • 75 Shore D casting urethane
  • parts can be post cured to reach a higher heat deflection temperature
  • pot life (150g mass):  16 - 18 minutes



System for simulating RIM parts, polypropylene parts with thermoplastic
characteristics.  Used for hard points for composite structures,
attachment points requiring compressive, flexural and tensile stregth. 
All parts that encounter tremendous dynamic forces, hydraulic and



  • 3 components to cover a large shore A range
  • low viscosity
  • easy to pigment
  • fully compatible with ESSIL 291 silicone moulds

Application Fields:

Prototype and short series of soft parts to cover all A shore range