Product Description

  • opalescent vacuum casting polyurethane resin for technical parts and prototypes
  • flexural modulus: 2,500 MPa
  • Tg ~100°C

Characteristics and Advantages

  • low viscosity for easy casting
  • good impact and flexural resistance
  • very easy coloring with all kind of pigments (non water based) like AXSON CP range


Thermoplastic-like parts (prototypes and mock-ups) with a flexural modulus of elasticity close to 2,500 MPa (eg: polycarbonate, ABS).




PX 212-225 ISOCYANATE                PX 225OP POLYOL

               6 x 1.2 kg                                       6 x 0.96 kg

               1 x 6.0 kg                                       1 x 4.80 kg