Product Description

  • vacuum polyurethane for technical parts and prototypes with similiar mechanical properties to the thermoplastics polyoxymethlene or polyamide
  • flexural modulus 4,500 MPa
  • Tg ~95°C
  • filled polyamide similarity
  • production of highly rigid parts e.g. electronic devices casing

Characteristics and Advantages

  • high flexural modulus of elasticity (fileld with milled glassfibre
  • high reproduction accuracy
  • available in two reactivity (4 and 8 min.)
  • can be easily coloured with CP pigments
  • fast demoulding


To be used by vacuum casting in silicone moulds for making prototype parts and mock-ups with mechanical properties similar to thermoplastics like polyoxymethylene and polyamide.




ISOCYANATE PX 245           POLYOL PX 226-245            POLYOL PX 226L-245L

        12x 0.625 kg                            6x 0.5 kg                                      6x 0.5 kg